"Today someone asked what happened between you and me. I sat there and smile for a second, replying ‘I fell in love with a very beautiful and wonderful girl but sadly our two hearts weren’t meant to be together forever and that is something that will continue to upset me for a very long time’. The person looked at me for a second before replying ‘so are the two of you still friends? It seems like you still care about her?’ I looked into their eyes realising that they had clearly never been in love and thought for a moment. I then replied ‘she will always be my first love and nothing will ever change that, I still hold a bit of her in my heart. I want her to be as happy as I was while in love with her. I want her to have the most amazing life because she deserves it. With regards to being friends I would love to have her in my life forever, but she’s the one that’s going to have to talk to me because although we broke up a long time ago, I still remember what she said when we split and for that reason I shan’t message her first because I know she didn’t want me too"